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Seasoned Engineers

Either through college, as a hobby, or through countless client projects we've worked on, our team is made up of seasoned developers able to dive into any project. We believe the best developers are able to learn on the fly in order to to make an instant impact. Every project is different. We are able to jump into any operating system, framework, or language either from pure experience or the motivation to learn something new. We are engineers at heart, and love solving complex problems.

We Do.

Collaborative Planning

When working with clients, communication is key. Bouncing potential ideas and preemptively identifying road blocks is what makes us special. We weigh communication as the most important aspect of a successful plan.

We Create.

Experienced Innovations

As pure bread engineers, there is nothing we like more than to dive into new frameworks and technologies. We use state of the art software to ensure our work is the best it can be. By thinking outside of the box, and looking in from different angles, we can deliver an innovative product.

Meet Abstra.

Tony Duco

Co-Founder / Director of Engineering

Full-stack developer with the skills to tackle any form of media. Has worked at Cardinal Health, The Ohio State University, Buckeye Interactive, and various companies doing contract work.

Nicholas Harder

Co-Founder / Director of Business

Talented software developer with a business mind. Has worked at Avalinx Studios, Ansys, The Ohio State University, and with many companies doing contract work.

Shane McGraw

Software Developer

Shane finds great reward in delivering products to clients that he knows they'll be happy about. Learned how to work on a small team through his previous experience at Ciitizen, a healthcare startup.

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